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North Star Ranch Inc. can provide you with the containers, trailers and refrigerated units you need to transport your shipments safely and economically throughout North America. We offer the widest range of weight and cubed capacities, you'll get the equipment you need to ship everything from the most delicate glassware to industrial machinery in the safest, most cost-effective manner possible. If you need advice on the right equipment for your next shipment, speak to your local NSR representative at 517-546-3900

Dry Bulk Tankers

Dry Bulk Tankers

Walking Floor

                              Gravel Trains

Steel Box | Aluminum Box | Quad Steel Box Dumps

                                 Dry Vans
  Tandem Axle | Tandem Spread Axle | Tri-Axle

                           Walking Floors

              Titan 140 YD Aluminum Trailers

*Actual specifications will vary according to the equipment manufacturer, equipment owner, and the age of the equipment.


**Maximum loading weights are subject to federal and individual state highway laws, and will vary according to the specifications of the tractor used to haul the shipment and the loading pattern of the freight.

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